Heat! we have Heat!

But first, for the skeptics in the group – my new shoes are bright – you can see them here.

After getting up early so as to not miss the furnace guy, I headed back to my bed for just a few minutes. I swear, I only closed my eyes for a second. Suddenly, it was 0845 and he had come and gone. I never even heard the buzzer. The Eldest had, and she did the letting him in the door honors and the Mole talked to him.

Obviously, by a few hours later it was obvious that at least some of the radiators were working. Which reminds me – it is “registers” when you have forced air heat and radiators when you have water running through them, right? It may take a few days for everything to warm up, but it is now higher than 12C in the house.

Oh, yes and the missing piano bench I have been hunting since May? It was behind the door in the furnace room where it had been masquerading as a step stool.


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7 Responses to Heat! we have Heat!

  1. Alison says:

    I was wondering how on earth you lose a piano bench! But then, we lost a
    12′ heavy duty ladder. Though I’m pretty sure a contractor walked off
    with it, thinking it was his boss’s.

  2. Carmen says:

    Oh gosh. I hate not having heat. I also hate not having hot water. I took the shower faucet apart and fixed it to give hot showers now instead of lukewarm ones. (I don’t take furnaces apart however. )

  3. Bob says:

    Happy to hear the heat is coming and you found the piano bench. You should have no trouble being seen in those shoes . . . even by the otherwise unobserving drivers. Stay safe, and regards to one and all from mid-Georgia where our temps are still in the high 70s – low 80s. And God replenished our water supplies with a week’s worth of rain showers.

  4. Helen says:

    The stool just won’t sit there and take the brunt of it’s responsibility – it has an identity crisis!

  5. Shawn says:

    Ouch!! I’ve been blinded by the running shoes!!

  6. CatBookMom says:

    I absolutely fell crazy in love with your new rainbow running shoes and have a pair on order. NewBalance website was sold out, but I got a pair from a running store here in US. LOVE them! I was just thinking yesterday that my trainers were a little too short, so now I can play with my new dog in rainbow shoes. Thanks!!

  7. Ann says:

    OMG those shoes are amazing! I wonder if they have them at the New Balance outlet here in Boston? You are really young at heart to wear them.

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