Heading Home

There is something about driving to an airport knowing that you are going home that makes me want to go just that little bit faster. Getting through the rental car drop off was not an issue, nor was catching the shuttle bus to the Terminal.

Of course, Lufthansa’s counter (they only have a couple of flights a day from Chicago – the rest are all code share operated by United) didn’t open for a couple of hours. Gave me plenty of time to knit. That scarf seemed a bit short. Since I still had another skein of yarn, it seemed most sensible to add another 30-40 cm to the length figuring I can mail it to her this coming week.

United doesn’t recognize any frequent anything card below Senator Class of other airlines, so I got to relax in a restaurant drinking a cappuccino and deciding that it is nicer to fly from SF or NYC. Paying United for the privilege of their lounge for a couple of hours just didn’t make any sense. (Does it also mean that for a price, just about anything is for sale?)

The flight – a 747 – had only ~ 80 in economy. I had noted that the plane seemed fairly empty when I did the online check in. As a result I had moved my seating from a section with a lot of people to the back of the plane claiming a row of three all to myself. At check-in, the counter person confirmed that it was likely that there was going to be no one with in several rows.

Not a problem – sleep is good.

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2 Responses to Heading Home

  1. Carmen says:

    Is it the scarf with cats on it? Or is that a sweater?

  2. Steven says:

    Re United: Yes, it does. Sucks.
    Were those black katz on the scarf in progress? Nice.

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