Heading for sunshine

I have a late night flight out of the UK. I am taking the eldest on a cruise for her birthday. We are meeting in Dubai tomorrow and boarding the Brilliance of the Seas on the Royal Caribbean Lines.

This is a week of warmer weather and a break from the cold and damp of both the UK and Germany.

I have clothes, I have knitting, I have my camera and I have the laptop. Don’t know if I will be on line but I hope so.

And yes, it might seem like a lot of extra weight to haul along the laptop just to be able to send off a few emails with photos. But please consider; if I want to relax in the evenings, I have unwatched episodes of Star Trek Voyager and CSI…..

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3 Responses to Heading for sunshine

  1. The cat says:

    Enjoy! And spare a thought for the rest of us slogging away!

  2. Hope you two have a fabulous vacation! Will you be joining the Knitting Olympics, Holly?

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