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  1. You crack me up! But really, the “this is when they do it at Ft. X” really sounds like a ridiculous explanation.

  2. Re warm hats – aren’t you glad your Command isn’t from Hawaii?

    Sounds very Jewish — we have the second day of yontef because they couldn’t be sure of the date of the start of yontef and would send signal fires across the land….

    Chassidim dress in 18th century Polish nobility garb…..

  3. you are not drinking the Cool Aid. The culture of Arms is built on conformity in action, thought and attire. Freedom of expression is not tolerated.

  4. The rules about wearing your fleece hat is rather like the rule in NYC that mandates that apt bldgs turn on their heat on 15 Oct and turn it off on 15 April (I think…I can’t quite remember the off date). Well run apt bldgs, like the one I lived in wld, of course turn it on if it was colder prior to or subsequent to these dates, thankfully.

  5. Re: reflective belts-Try wearing one of those silly things for 6 months at Eielson! (Of course, then we didn’t need them at all for the other 6) 🙂

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