Headed to New England

Take a ball of Zauberball in shades of black, grey and white – 100 grams gives or take. Add three 50 gm skeins of Koigu in a nice bright red. Mix together in Stephen West’s TransAtlantic pattern. Skip the weird looking holes and don’t stop at the scarf level.

By the time you are down to the last bit of the black, you have stopped counting stitches.


But the center section looks like this –

slipped stitches on a purl background

and the edges look like this (more or less)

before they all jumped off the needle….

This post is pre-positioned and should have the shawl completed by tomorrow with a lovely knitting day at sea only interrupted by exercise, meals, naps and a Cruise Critic get together.

Portland tomorrow where I should be able to find free WiFi.

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