Happy Socks

So I have a strange sense of humor and, after wearing nothing but hand knit socks for years have begun buying bright, colorfull comercial socks now and again.

The first time was in Monoco when I discovered Berthe aux Grand Pieds (not the woman, but the socks). Since then I have occasionally picked up fun socks when I found them.

Imagine my delight when Hancock”s Fabrics, AC Moores and Joann’s Fabrics all put their Halloween things on sale in September. I don’t know about you, but I thought that the party didn’t start till 31 Oct.

Anyway – for $1/pair – rather than doing laundry I wore a few pairs during the second half of my stateside trip. Since neither daughter here seemed at all thrilled, I still have these –

more entertainment

more entertainment

to wear for the rest of the month.

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One Response to Happy Socks

  1. Cat says:

    I think I can see why they were a dollar a pair – but yes, it does save on the laundry

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