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Halloween at Sea — 2 Comments

  1. Ok, can’t resist, as I was just telling a friend two days ago who is going on her gazillionith cruise, she must learn the correct terminolgy… I asked if she where on the port or starboard side (no idea)…At least she did know the bow from the stern, but had NO idea of why the bathrooms were called the ‘head’
    What was funny though was a few weeks ago when my nephew took the Erie canal with me (he also being ex-navy, but never having been on a ship…a P3 airdale type), I commented to him as we were boarding that it was nice for a change to actually board the boat on the correct or ‘port’ side. One of the crew heard me and was kidding me later about it. Never did figure out why the Navy often breaks with tradition…Most carriers I’d seen or been on always boarded on the STARBOARD side. The one time I do remember boarding correctly on the port side was on a nuke attack sub… Go figger…there are traditions and there are traditions, and why such a tradition based service breaks the rules….well, that’s the government for ya.
    Have fun…

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