The line had formed to exit the ship and the crowd was getting restless.
The Captain came on the overhead to ask for a minute of silence., which he got. From the crew, staff and passengers.
I don’t think it takes six degrees of separation to connect with someone who was directly affected by the Twin Towers Bombing; the Pentagon explosino or the airliner forced down in Pennsylvania by the passengers. Not when the losses were so severe; brothers, sisters, parents, children. People doing their jobs and risking their lives for others or simply taking a tour in New York. Friends at a staff meeting in the Pentagon, clearly cheerful to be in the new section after putting up with horrible accommodations for months. Colleagues at the Pentagon Health Clinic trying desperately to help get people out, triage and keep alive as many as they could.
I refer you once again to Exhibit 13 which has been completely moved over to YouTube here although it is hard to tell anymore which is the official version.
I am off the ship in Halifax and taking a bus tour around the city. Somehow, stopping at the Maritime Museum to see the exhibits sounds like the right thing to do.
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2 Responses to Halifax

  1. You were so close! I live approx. 2 hours from Halifax. Hope you enjoyed it.

  2. AlisonH says:

    Thank you, Holly. My brother was on the subway coming in. My cousin was in another skyscraper, watching the planes hit.

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