Half Month

The first flowers are blooming.

With the sun shining, I actually got the Viking Ship soaked,

blocked and out to dry.


In between laundry, dealing with the dog and the usual house keeping chores, I worked on almost all the WIPs.


Wicked Eyelet
with the back complete and the first front started. I would be knitting both fronts at the same time but for one small detail. I have one ball of yarn. I hand wound it. To knit both fronts at the same time it would be a really good idea to wind it as a center pull. I forgot. Since I started from the outside and didn’t think about it till after I had one front cast on …..


At this point, I am really wiped out. Since updating WordPress to 2.7 and beyond it loads like I was on a 9600 baud dial up. Slow enough that I have managed to knit six pattern repeats on the Wicked Eyelet while waiting for the graphics loader to kick in on uploads and inserts. The thought of reinstalling everything makes me shudder. Or it could be the theme. I like it because I can do just about anything in it. But it might just be the other cause. Design what I want in a theme. In my spare time.


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