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  1. I am totally with you on the “pull it back in a scrunchie” deal. The idea of wasting time and money at the hairdresser is something I do not wish to contemplate – the money is better spent on books and craft supplies!

  2. I’ve been wearing my hair(what’s still left) the same way for most of my life. Just makes it easier and I employ my barber every 3 weeks. Since I swim for most of my PT it’s easier to use the hand dryer in the pool bathroom to dry my hair. I tried a few times to let it grow longer but it just curls up.
    Not worth the effort.

    • and, as a guy, you can be in and out of the chair in a short and reasonably short time. At a reasonable cost, And, especially with the swimming that you are NOT dying your hair…

  3. I quit worrying about hair shortly after retiring from the military in 1977. Having worn nothing but flattop or crewcut military styles—and baldness having run in my family for ages—I noticed the receding hairline and thinning of that little was there. Married twice, I can fully appreciate how a woman values her tresses. But, as a guy, it’s no big deal. Way, way back in time there was the small fortune (then) of hair products to make one more presentable to the fairer sex. Then came the period of dating and such, where one – when caught in any compromising situation – had to straighten the tie and comb the hair. Out of the military and also retired from 32 years of Civil Service, I quit wearing ties. Fortunately or not, there were also no longer any compromising situations. This aging process really sucks, but it’s mandatory. Acting one’s age on the other hand is purely optional!

    • I think that one of the reasons that I don’t care about hair is 33 years spent in uniform. Long enough to pull back and done. Anything else, and it takes work.

      But, if you are used to long hair – losing hair from chemo really sucks. Every single last grey hair that has grown baking in the last two years is more than gratefully welcomed.

  4. I quit coloring my hair a long time ago. It needed to be done about every 5 weeks, and it was expensive. I keep mine just below collar length, I can go months between trims, and I don’t have to wash it every day like I would if it were short. I’m all about low maintenance.

    • my daughter’s have all played with hair color. You name it, one of them has worn that color for a while.

      But for me it was decades of military service where my hair had to be above my collar or put up. Cut regularly? or yank back and put it in a bun.

      Hands down, no choice.

      As my hair grew back from chemo, I have had been afforded the opportunity to experience all the possible lengths. Longer, pulled back out of my face is absolutely the best!

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