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Hair and military — 11 Comments

  1. I will revisit my fling with facial hair I had during my 2 years in the Reserves doing pre-med.

    Will probably still shave the neck as it really starts to itch after about 4 days growth, but of course during my pilgrimage will let it all grow out, for that wild hermit look. 🙂

    I never trimmed it for the first year, and one day was eating an ice cream cone when all my chin hairs got caught up in my snack.

    Decided it was time for a trim.

    I am so envious of your freedom.

    It is hard for me to recall ever being so self-actualized and expressive.

    About time to be a grownup.

  2. I love train travel, but around here, no wi-fi, and it costs a lot in comparison.

    It has been a long time since I thought about hair very much. Mine has gotten shorter, too, because it was making me look Even Older.

    I hope the conference is enjoyable.

  3. For those of us who have served in your command and occasionally heard our Soldiers gripe, does this mean “Ding Dong, the witch is dead?”

    (Retired Fire Breathing Dragon, vacationing in Panama)

  4. No – it means that she is no longer sitting on her hair – but still at serious risk of crabbiness and wire rim glasses!

  5. I always liked to have to option of relaxed grooming standards. There are a number of times that I had to advice folks when flying commercial that they should look a little grubby: not shaving for a few days, longer hair, plain civvies etc. I always made certain that I had a letter from our commander, or a one star authorizing RGS. Twice, I had a couple a female intel folks attached as support, they got the message. The guys that were Rangers, Marines or non SF would be problematic.

  6. Well – actually it was just like being a kid – with a mirror, scissors and a desire to do something before I chickened out!

  7. 40 cm? Hmm, about 15 3/4″- yep, that’s firmly in catching-hair-in-the-back-of-desk-bolts country, which I remember with no fondness…and Locks of
    Love donation territory for that matter.

  8. Love it. So true, right? I’d love to shave half my head and dye the remaining half blue…but we know where that would lead…. 😉
    Remember the contractors in uniform with the beards and long hair? Ugh!

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