gut, und nicht so

We did some cleaning today. The Mole spent most of the day out of his bolt hole, helping me pack up books, sort things and generally get the back hall a bit better organized. You can now actually get to the bookcases; the loom, bench and storage chest have been excavated. We will not discuss all the excess spinning wheels.

Ms Maus – my Jewel – had done a fantastic job on the living room and dining room this week, leaving only a small about to be picked up which she was most gracious about.

George’s office continues to be a disaster, but there is nothing new about that.

Taking intermittant knitting breaks – I completed a.lot more than I thought was humanly possible. Considering that we have a number of people coming over tomorrow (to most of whom the concept of RSVP seems to be not understood I am beginning to think it might just be ok,

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