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  1. Look at it this way: At least Dad HAS a full head of hair. You know he’d be the type to get a bad combover if he ever started balding. Plus, hair dyes these days are much more gentle than they used to be.

  2. So true about the gray hair being much more stubborn than the brown…also true about the shedding…between me and the 2 dogs, good thing we got a dyson vacuum cleaner!

  3. Brown hair, grey hair…. When my oldest son was asked in kindergarten what color is father’s hair was, he answered, “Clear.” My high school class voted me “Most Likely to Recede.”

    You should count your blessings …strand by strand …regardless of color! lol

    PS – I’ll be turning 60 four +/- months ahead of you so get in touch next year and I’ll let you know if it’s safe tp proceed. 😉

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