Grandeur of the Seas

I know – you are surprised that I have not provided you ships pictures up to these point. Well, since I always do so (I will just inform you that pictures will land in this space as soon as I can affordably upload them). This is the third of five days in a row at sea. There are those who don’t particularly care for long stretches of sea travel. Personally, I find it the high point of the trip!

I can knit, relax, talk to people and otherwise enjoy myself.

The ship is quiet in the early morning hours. Still, by 0630 or so in the morning when I leave the gym there are a number of people on deck to watch the sunrise. I have met more interesting people: there is a Finnish couple who have been living in the US for decades, a couple from Missouri, Chris from somewhere in the US who spent the last year in China teaching business, several couples who live in Costa Rica and another who live Panama. Both of the last couple use the cruise ship to move back and forth from Spain to Central America (cheaper than air fare and you can pack a lot of stuff in your cabin…..).

While other people are complaining, moaning and groaning about how much there is to eat and how much weight they are gaining – I think I am doing fine. I am heading to the gym every morning for 45 minutes with the goal of returning home in better shape than I left.

This is Sea Day 4 – and Day 8 of the cruise which means that I am half way through the trip. I am now in that quiet space where I have been on the ship forever. Maybe the trip will come to an end, but I don’t think so. I am listening to audio books and knitting.

Like most ships of its class, there are a lot of activities provided from Trivia to Wii to dance classes to various and assorted programs associated with the SPA/Fitness Center and shopping areas. Not being anyone’s fool, I am completely ignoring all those suggestions about spending money which include Bingo, jewellery and the Casino.

The various entertainment groups vary widely. A classical violin/guitar duo play in the Atrium every afternoon. From the Philippines – they are fabulous. Following them, the soft rock trio is loud, obnoxious and needs some moderating of both their selection and the volume control. The evening programs have ranged from an excellent pianist, through a Motown act to a not so great off Broadway take-off of different musical selections.

Now if I could just find a scale…. you don’t suppose that they would rather people not weigh themselves?

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  1. Brad says:

    I agree. The sea days are my favorite as well.

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