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Grand Stirrup Cay — 4 Comments

  1. Sounds like you were the only sensible one!!

    Be sun smart is what they say here….there must be a lot of dumb people there..ouch!

  2. @Helen
    you should see all the idiots with sun burns. Not us – Maus used a lot of sun block and is fine, and I really don’t get the purpose in coming home looking like a lobster!

  3. If there are no shells to pick up (and I don’t need more shells anyway) , then there’s nothing for me on a beach but too much sun! So, you have your absolute pick of where to lounge on the ship then. Is this a big one – so there are lots of options?

  4. there are several options on where to lounge. I am finding that outside on deck 7 is about the best – fewest people and away from both the spring breakers and the kids. I don’t need to hang out at the pool. I sometimes wonder why I even bother to bring along a swim suit since I avoid crushes of people in pools….

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