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  1. I am afraid I have to disagree with you a little on this issue. In car mounted gps from the factory are usually using data from older map software. You will have to buy an upgrade dvd or cd very soon. The portable devices or the ones running off of a smartphone are more easily and frequently updated. They also provide you with direct cross reference phone numbers to certain addresses for businesses. The only in dashdevice that I have used recently which is as good as my portable devices is 1 that I installed into my car myself. It is a multi functional computer box that does the cd, radio, satellite, gps, backup camera, and dvd playing functions for me all on 1 screen. This jvc box has been very good in terms of being up to date with mapping functions.

    I find that the best option is to use an android based smartphone or I phone for gps capabilities you remember to take it with you because it’s your phone after all. And all you need is a reasonable suction cup mounting device and a cigarette lighter compatible power cord.

    My €0.02

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  2. When we went to our son’s wedding, I reserved a GPS unit to go with the
    rental car. My husband had previously thought it a scam of a waste of
    time–till that trip. After that he bought one himself–and, like your
    husband, it was after buying a car and not paying for an installed one.

    He can hear his phone’s GPS now and mostly uses that. I can’t hear
    either one, so forget that.

  3. So true… Smart didn’t have GPS available in ’09s, so Brad has exactly that, and had to remember to put it away in this heat wave or it won’t work for 5+ minutes when he gets in the car again. Not nearly as bad as it could be though.

    I’ve noted a tendency for the gals to be more reality- connected than the guys… just saying.

  4. My two cents worth: I think an in-dash GPS is the only way to go with a newer vehicle. We have a 2004 Ford Escape, with the center console between driver and front passenger. When not mounted on the dash and centered, canted toward the driver, my Tom-Tom resides in said console — out of sight and hidden from thieves. The next vehicle will definitely have in-dash GPS. You make a good point about maps, but doubt our vehicles are leaving CONUS any more in their lifetimes. Happy trails and enjoyable driving with the new car!

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