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Gossamer Capelet — 6 Comments

  1. Neat. I just finished a Wendy Johnstone pattern called Lady Bertram. Took almost all of a 100gm ball of sock yarn. I wanted to put a bead at the point of each pattern in the edging but couldn’t find a crochet hook small enough to go through the bead. At that point I was NOT about to break the yarn and thread a bunch of beads. It looks good without them.

  2. That’s a lot of stitches!

    California wood rats are cute, with big ears, a mouse-y face rather than the ugly Norway rat look. One discovered the ground under my birdfeeder Friday and the predators have not yet discovered it. It’s outside, so I’m settling for stamping my feet and going Shooo!

  3. Beautiful work as usual:) I just finished the Wingspan capelet and it will have to wait to be blocked when Mark and I get home. We are currently outside of Denver Colorado and will be traveling through the state for the next three weeks or so as part of our summer safari..

  4. Would you believe I followed my Yahoo RSS link to the blog before I saw the email? The times they are a changing. Me I’m knitting socks on dpn’s and a bottle carrier for Eric on my only 12″ circulars. That made a good portable project for a pool party, then down at the mall for the fireworks.

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