Good Places to see

If you are a knitter that is – (and I wasn’t hauling the camera)

there is Article Prac which is on Telegraph in Oakland. Fabulous collection of yarns – mostly higher end with extensive choices in lace and fingering yarns. The help is cheerful and knowledgeable.

There is Stone Mountain Fabrics on Shattuck in Berkeley. They started discontinuing their yarn section in May and it is pretty well cleaned out although they still have a few hundred knitting titles on the shelf waiting to go home with someone for 1/2 price. But that is not why I stopped here – they have all the major indie designer patterns and an incredible selection of fabrics. (I bought patterns – fabrics are a bit heavier than I want to carry).

And then there is K2tog on Solano in Albany(you should have heard my DH trying to pronounce the store name. Unfortunately, it was closed, so am going to have to attempt this one on another day.

and I don’t remember whether or not I posted this –

Another Volan - this one bright colors

Another Volan - this one bright colors

which I finished up on the weekend.

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