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Going through the line — 7 Comments

  1. Except that I get seasick I would say “pack me in your suitcase”! Let’s know when you have decided on a trip and we will all virtually join you!
    You have been warned! J

  2. he Mole is growing into a wise young man, and you can tell him I said so– sometime when it doesn’t undercut your “authority”, as if….

    ~, leaving for a Bahamas cruise in 5, 4, 3…

  3. You realise that your emails could be turned into a book….. You are so
    very entertaining with these little insights into your humour….
    Especially as cruising is better than making some soup!! I must say the
    kid is very smart (look who she’s got for a mother) in providing you
    with another excuse to surf the waves!! I look forward to interest to
    which ship you board next and where it will be docking.

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