Going on forever

There is a point in many projects where you think you have been knitting forever. Furthermore, the end of the knitting will never, ever happen.

Sitting here with both halves of the candle flame scarf, I was trying to convince myself that I was over half way done. I can’t tell. One half has five repeats completed, the other six. At 36 rows per repeat, that is 396 rows.

When I got totally insane, I knit another few rows on the Walk in the Woods…at this rate, I just might finish them both this year.


The sunshine then called me and I sat outside reading Endless Blue – a complete departure from the type of story that Wen Spencer has previously penned. Tinker might possibly be SciFi – but the Uriah Oregon series is great Urban Fantasy that contains absolutely no romance between ancient vampires and the young, blond and stupid.


Working my way through Double Share as Nathan Lowell posts new episodes. Perhaps it would be better if I had the discipline to wait till they were all posted, but hey, not me.

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  1. fbz says:

    the candle flame scarf is a great use of that wollmeise! the downside is that the skeins are mega huge, so it does seem to go on forevvvvveeeeerrrr. but then again why am i complaining about oversized skeins? anyway, your candle flame scarf looks gorgeous so far, even unblocked.

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