Going around the bend

[and yet another post on which I owe you pictures….]

Brisbane is often described as a city defined by it’s river.

Or, in my way of thinking, it is a city defined by bridges and ferry’s making every effort in the world to manage its business while ignoring the inconvenience of the river as much as possible. It is no longer the 1880s or turn of the century.  The river is no longer dredged and the commercial port has been long relocated a lovely 30 minute motorway drive out of the city.

Arriving on Elizabeth St I to hustle down to the river in time to catch the 0900 City Hopper (free).  It is about 90 minutes if you ride the whole loop. A bit less if you get off at the Maritime Museum on the way back to walk across the good will bridge. Of course, if you do that – you can get a nice iced chai latte to drink as you stroll.

One of the last back on the bus – I am the last on the wifi here and they are going to pull the plug – so expect an update in the next couple of days…


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