Did I tell you about my glasses? The ones five sizes too large that were made for me while I was downrange? Apparently that was the smallest size that they had and someone made the decision just to go ahead and not worry about it.

After I was back for a week, I took them into the Heidelberg Optometry shop and asked the nice young tech if they could at least be adjusted so that they would not fall off my face every time I looked down. No – not possible, they were just too big for my face. Next, they offered to get me a pair made in the right size.

Would that be ok?

Of course, and that was in March. The glasses came in and the glasses went out – mailed in spite of the fact that I carefully explained that my mail was all messed up and that they would be forwarded to Hell and back. They vanished somewhere – first to the UK and beyond that no clue. Last week of April rolls around and the other nice tech puts in a second order noting that the first went who knows where in the APO system and had not been found.

Those, too, wound up in the mail. Lost forever in my humble opinion as I wore whatever old glasses I could find around the house. I don’t think we ever throw out glasses. Put them aside maybe when a new prescription comes in but throw out? Why on earth would I do that when I might need them. It is not like I haven’t broken glasses and I can’t exactly find my way out of a wet paper bag without visual aids, much less read a book or drive a car. Well, the book I can read if it is on the end of my nose but you know what I mean. You can’t exactly do that while driving a car; stick your face in the dashboard alternating with peering out the window and asking the opinion of your white knuckled passenger.

Where was I?

Oh – glasses. Unlike the Maus

who usually wears contacts

who usually wears contacts

and was on her way to Rock am Ring being that every teenager probably should go to one major multi-day rock concert just to have an appreciation of total insanity – I would be just happy with a pair of glasses that worked.

And today – I received an email from my good friend Denise. The APO guy said – I have two pairs of glasses for Holly – do you want to give them to her?

Out the door like a flash – there they were. One mailed 30 March and the other 25 April. Both kicking around in the system and showing up at the local PO after I no longer have privileges there. It is time to bake them more cookies. They could have just forwarded them on; insuring another couple of months of travel.

two pairs, simple black wire rims

two pairs, simple black wire rims

All that fuss – for these.


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5 Responses to Glasses

  1. Ann says:

    As my mom used to say, one to play with and one to break! Two is better than none.

  2. Angeluna says:

    Thank goodness you now have a pair/pairs that fit. Nothing is simple with the army, is it?

  3. Cat says:

    Don’t have her e-mail so would you please pass on our congratulations? Thanks – I imagine goofing off has a certain attraction after the work involved!

  4. Alison says:

    Someone clearly saw for you. Good for them. Congratulations on getting
    them! (I know I’d be totally hosed without my eye and ear add-ons.)

  5. Isobel says:

    Mazel Tov!

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