It has not been a short while, no, it has been since I first moved into this house. The windows and doors are always quiet in the room where I am sitting and the doors still. Somewhere else, usually on another floor there a bumps and thumps.

If there is a stormy wind outside, I can easily imagine the panes rattling in their tracks. The blustery air catching the edge of the door. After all, this is an old house and there are air leaks everywhere.

But on the nights where there is no breeze, I still hear noises in the house. Items don’t seem to be where I left them. It couldn’t possibly be that I forgot where I placed something. Like those two pairs of jeans that seemed to be lost for a week, appearing like magic in the airing cupboard when I was giving a friend the house tour. Me? Why would I have carefully set out two pairs of jeans to dry….

Oh, right.

Never mind. Can anyone tell me why the ghost is not finishing up my knitting? Doing some vacuuming or washing up the dishes?

Leaving out milk and cookies for Brownies didn’t work – so I was hopeful that the ghost might be of use.

No luck there either. I must have watched too many TV Serials while knitting.


The finished Rose Socks –

With the left and right

and then there is the first Tencil Sock. I really dont’ like the way the top turned out, so it is on to a different pattern for the top of the second sock.



I mentioned that it was done? And that it might look a little bit better on me than on the chair. Usual disclaimers about photos taken in dark rooms with mirrors.

The pattern detail looks like this – and the front bands are a broken rib that is knit as part of the garment.


Since I actually have some nice slatted shelves in the airing cupboard – aka the boiler room – I am going to see how it fast blocked garments will dry.


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