Getting to Florida

Might not seem all that hard to do. That is if you are in the US and not in a state which is currently undergoing a snow storm. Or if the airport at which you are planning to land is not having a thing for runway construct. If either of these apply it might just take more than a minute or two.

First, being the kind and loving wife that I am, I insisted that George drop me off at the Heidelberg train station rather than drive me to Frankfurt. He had offered, as well as offering to take me to Mannheim so that I wouldn’t have to change trains. The much better solution was Heidelberg – the 0547 is a direct train with no changes involved and I really didn’t see that I should ask him for two hours of driving vs me being on the train for less than an hour. Even loaded with gummi bears, chocolate and lebkucken for the kids (and yarn, can’t forget the yarn) my load wasn’t all that heavy.

Checking in with Air Canada wasn’t hard, I got there just as the priority line opened. Their lounge, while not as classy as Lufthansa was much nicer than almost anything United has with the advantage of being right near the gate.  Flight was fine – slept, knit and read. Excellent food and service. Not really sure that I like the angled seating configuration but who am I to complain. At least I wasn’t facing backwards.

Toronto was another matter. The issue was not the airport – the issue was the most recent round of reductions in US immigration personnel. When it takes 90 minutes or more to get through, they are not doing the public or the airlines any favors considering the number of missed flights plus the northern tier weather challenges.  I made my flight (go me for wanting 2 1/2 hours between flights) but there were some pretty upset people in line.

Considering it was -20*C outside, both take off and landing were smooth with the sun almost blinding. It was well after dark before we arrived in FLL (see above note on runway construction).  Got to the baggage claim and found College Guy waiting for me. Turns out he didn’t find the email on which hotel so decided it was easier just to wait. Maus on the other hand had the challenges of getting to Newark with snow, reduced buses on the routes and airline delays. She missed a change for a lot of money when they offered a later flight swap but could see her point on not wanting to arrive after midnight.  I took the luggage to the hotel while Noah waited for her.

Being completely and totally wiped, I elected sleep while they went and found food.

Next adventure starts in the morning when we catch the shuttle van to the port.


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