Getting back

Yesterday was such a productive day. By COB (close of business) I had managed to spend time with the commander of the forward surgical team, meet with the German Dermatologist, the German Med Task Force Commander, our new Prev Med detachment and the new Vet officer for the area. Oh, yes and the Brigade Surgeon for one unit in the area (and yes, another one of mine from years ago now recycled into Medicine).

Ahead of time, we had figured this was going to run a couple of days. Every once in a while, the stars line up, you find everyone on the first try and nice conversations abound. Late in the evening, the CPT and I stopped at the PAX terminal. No US flights tomorrow. The German NCO looked up and told us that he had a flight and put us on the manifest.

Cool, I think. I have been on a C-17, a C-130, and yesterdays Dash flight since arriving in Kuwait. I can now add a C-160 to my plane collection. (kind of like bird watchers collecting birds sightings).

So, after breakfast with the Vet and a bit more conversation with the Prev Med crew at the Beach House (which is actually a large tent whacked in to office segments and no where near any water) we hike the mile to the terminal.

Flight, of course, has been cancelled. Unexpectedly, a US Air Force flight was due in with cargo. Space-A was authorized for the return flight. Happy little row of ducks following the Army NCO out to the C-130. C-130 flight back across the Hindu-Kush, row of people following the Air Force NCO to the PAX terminal.

Back at the B-Hut, there is a slight issue. I can’t find the key for my padlock. Back to the billeting office, get the phillips screwdriver, take off the plate, enter the room. Isn’t it cool that I have a second key stashed? Put the hasp back together.

Think key on a key ring would be an improvement over a loose, small key? I do this again and it is bolt cutter for sure.

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3 Responses to Getting back

  1. Barbara says:

    I know you are not allowed to wear jewelry except specified –
    but just thought I’d tell you my free association to the key issue —
    some orthodox Jews have their house key made into some kind of jewelry they wear on shabbat – so they can wear their key and not carry it….

  2. Mark says:

    Why don’t you put one key on your dog tags. Thats what I used to do when I had a regular(?) billeting.

  3. Beverley says:

    Would it help if you put your key on the chain with your dog tags??

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