As I remember, I think it was also a Sunday when we docked here off the MSC Lirica. Given that this is Italy, the only things open on a Sunday morning are Churches, street news/tobacco stands and the low end cafeterias. Of course that seemed to change in the blink of an eye about 1030 when dozens of small shops selling cheap goods opened all of whom seem to be either Chinese or Indian owned.

Today I am just wandering on foot to see some old areas of the city. The old city wall is barely visible, overcome these decades by new construction and greenery.


The city has its share of marble statues


And enough palaces to choke even the most dedicated tourist, or horse.


Then there all the small alleys barely wide enough for a moped


And examples of interesting stone work


Then of course there is tire artistry ( he is eating a trash can if you can’t see clearly



And structures in the Harbor


And a couple of interesting and entertaining art exhibits

at the Museo di Porto Sibera.

These are long days in port, and it is lovely to wander along and enjoy benches set in the shade of the old harbor.

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3 Responses to Genoa

  1. Mary says:

    The harbor from which Columbus launched his career prior to Ferdi & Isabella, non?!
    Have fun!

  2. AlisonH says:

    Genoa way to get to the yarn store?

  3. Brad says:

    I recall something about an aquarium?

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