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There are those who take cruises for special occasions and then there are those of us who  cruise because – well – the ship is there and it is a cruise. Why stay home if you can afford to travel and see new places. No relocating every day, no multiple pack & unpacks, no trapped on buses day after day with screaming kids or farting older ones with no personal hygiene skills.


Gee, did I really put that down in words?


I think it is either something you get or don’t. Traveling by ship is not for everyone and certainly affordable at different times, levels and places depending on what literally makes your boat float.


If you cruise more than once a year with the same line and on similar types of trips – transatlantic crossings come to mind – you will start running into the same people often or at least more than once.


And so it was that close to 20 of us headed to Chops on Sunday evening to celebrate Jim and Pat’s 30th anniversary. For most of us in our 60s – families are scattered. Even more so for those in their 70s. Few of us live in the same location where we grew up, went to school or stayed during our childrearing years. Most of our offspring go off to school and make lives where they go to school, take jobs, or find a partner. And frankly, it is kind of like our winter holidays Danube cruise – if you were really close to your family you would not be on a boat during Easter/Passover/Whatever. You would be home/their house.


Instead – we had a roaring good time and an excellent meal. It seemed like everyone who had a free bottle of wine brought it along. Most of us used our second of the “buy one, get one free” and I behaved myself enough to ask for berries after dinner rather than a high calorie desert.


May all of us have future years together with family and friends.


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