Further Shadows

past the half way point

past the half way point

which involved a number of ridges of solid yarn contrast to match the front edge to make a nice center back. Unlike the odd suggestions in the book, I chose to just knit 2 ridges of the lighter color, eight of the dark and two more of the lighter color.

The hardest part is now making sure that I reverse the color changes of the first side so that the shawl turns out to be the same number of rows on each side. I have solved the simple problem of keeping eight stitches in garter at the two edges by means of sticking in stitch markers. I am also moving the color change line on the gold this time rather than the white. Still, I have to admit being 38 rows into the second half feels good – even though I think the total number of rows is somewhere around 288 before getting to the front edges. Ah well, progress is good.

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