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A bit of general silliness for the day – there is Twitteleh for the Jewish mom in me.

After all, is there anything more important than knowing where your offspring are? If they are eating properly and … here is the real stickler…. are they warm enough. Makes the cockles of any knitters heart happy to know that you can bundle them up in layers of nice wool to keep them warm.

What? The child is reporting that the outside temperature is 40 C? But it could get cold at night and I am sure there is some air conditioning somewhere in the area. Getting a cold is not a good thing.

And then there is this – provided by my good friend Steven who seems to think that upstate New York is a great place to make your own wine.

Hours in the day

And then there are distractions – wonderful distractions which arrive the mail. Some are fuzz (spinable) and others are soft and fluffy (yarn). No, I am not buying new yarn. I joined a couple “Sock a month Clubs” last winter. The packages arrive over the course of the year. Already paid for. I am still saving my pennies, pfennings and cents for Ally-Pally.

Even better? Liberty Puzzles

Wild Brook

River Dance

which are expensive but exquisitely made wooden puzzles with glorious colors and laser cut whimsy pieces

whimsy pieces

whimsy pieces

Yes, that is right, old fashion critters and plants and graphic designs. No two pieces are alike. Some parts go quickly, but there are lots and lots (469 of them) really weird looking  pieces. This art is by Phil Lewis. So far the only other puzzle by him is a whole lot bigger than I want to tackle. But I am hopeful. I like his work for this kind of activity.

And finally – Captains Share by Nathan Lowell has been released on Podiobooks (and of course on iTunes).

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  1. Ruth says:

    I love the chart of life! I think it reflects accurately how MY time is spent.

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