Found by the Russians

No clue as to what is going on, but for the last five days I have been inundated by SPAM from Russian IPs. Not just one or two replies caught in the filter, but 20-30 a day.

Heck, I normally do not see that many comments in a month. Of course, I have no clue as to why I would want to see 20-30 replies a day. At that rate, it is no longer personal, rather it isĀ  comments for the sake of same.

To balance out the insanity, I got to spend the morning with the electrician. Good guy, he was tasked with the every five year electrical inspection. Translates to every socket (outlet for Americans), overhead light or government furnished appliance being tested.

Oh, yes, and the electrical connection to the smoke detectors. Never mind that they are tested out four times a year.

In a house the size of this one coupled with a multi-screen PDA program the process took over 4 hours. Meanwhile, I did some dishes, changed a light bulb or three, knit and talked audio books.

The afternoon run to Croughton was a waste. No decent library books and only my new glasses to justify the trip.

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4 Responses to Found by the Russians

  1. Ruth says:

    Maybe the Russians think you know something important….like where to find the good yarn cheap!

    • Holly says:

      Nah, most of it is Leopard Underwear and the like. I suspect the part I can not read… well probably just as well…

  2. A subversive attempt at world domination? I wonder who will be their next target?

  3. Maria H says:

    I’m glad to see you are still knitting! I just happened to be looking at my old saved emails and came across your name and website.
    Hope that is the end of the “invasion”…..

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