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  1. All appears under control again. Hope the dental problems are history and you are again out of pain.

  2. sending great empathy regarding dental pain – it is worse than many other kinds of pain because it is in your head for real.

    I hope you get some good karma points for helping Andy. what goes around has to come around sometime.

  3. So sorry to hear about the tooth problem. Will the nxt appt be at Bagram or do you have to travel for it? And another one starting the same process? I am so sorry!

    How kind of you to help Andy! Just as the British managed to “book” you on a flight the other day, you returned the favor to Andy.

    Hope you are snug and warm in bed!!

    Have to admit, had my heart in my mouth the way your email started as I was frightened your plane had been hit – I was confused when you said that the back ramp begins to open as you taxi…. But thankfully all seems to be well.

  4. Sorry about the teeth, and thank you for taking good care of that young’un and showing him kindness! Who knows how he may return it to someone else needing it.

  5. Previously, I had no idea of the nocturnal life of travel in theater. You must have learned to sleep anywhere/anytime you drop. Good luck with the teeth.

  6. Loved the line about the drooping rotors looking like a bad hair day! I hope the pain has subsided by now.

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