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  1. One good reason why my parents raised us in Maryland (and not Virginia). Why we moved our children to California. The more you’re around people different from your own family, the more you see people as the children of G_D that we all are.

    So often, people are surprised when I tell them that Maryland was settled by the Jews and Catholics who couldn’t find religious freedom in the other colonies. I remember being astonished when I found out that kids in other states didn’t necessarily get school off for Yom Kippur or Rosh Hoshana.

  2. and it is really too bad that the Brits won. On the other hand – the Inquisition is not my idea of a good time.

  3. Amen, Sister! I don’t understand it either, this need by some to judge the rest of the world wrong and in need of salvation.

  4. Thanks, Holly. Interesting read. I wish I could enjoy a little wine with you for Passover. Yes, religion can be a contentious issue and that’s too bad – it doesn’t have to be.

  5. Do hope you have a wonderful cedar with your family. How super it must be to be together!!

    Your email today was troubling. It is such a waste to realize that religious intollerance is alive and prospering all over the world and it was sad to realize that your observation about those wearing the same uniform as you were so ignorant! I’ll never forget that there were people on my trip to Israel in 2000 who had not realized and once it was presented to them seemed reluctant to acknowledge that Jesus was a Jew. With stupidity like that, there seems to be little hope for peace between people.

  6. To quote Jon Stewart`s Earth: “religion helped overcome man`s catastrophic tendency toward neigborliness and smoothed the way for millenia of wars–allowing millions of peaople to discover, first-hand, whether or not their religion was right about the whole “post-death non-oblivion thing. To sum up: Religion provided great comfort to a world torn apart…by religion.”

  7. The “we and we alone are right” attitude of many people really gets up my nose – fundamentalist anything does not suit me. It is dangerous. It is why I am not a happy cat with organised religion.

  8. How sad that man has screwed up the world in general in the name of religion…I don’t care what people believe / do as long as they allow others to do the same!

  9. No Catholic who actually reads the Bible and pays attention to the Church’s teachings would ever be a threat to someone who is Jewish.

  10. This is quite a pile of complexities for me to consider without any morning coffee.

    I’d love to borrow the CD for my next drive to Flagstaff.

    My personal Passover goal is freedom from clutter and things in our house that we do not need. Ho boy.

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