I forgot to mention that there were Fireworks on Friday evening (so, no this post is not about the white horse climbing up the steps and striding through Old College).

But, this is a military training post and I am used to hearing booming noises at all hours. Ignoring the sounds, I went on with what ever I was doing when it suddenly dawned that it was Fireworks! and I had a new camera.

(after figuring out that taking photos through the trees was not smart, I beat feet for the edge of the pond)

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3 Responses to Fireworks

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  2. nana says:

    Love the green eyed fuzz head 😉

  3. Olafg grefe says:

    Hallo zusammen,
    Endlich mal wieder ein guter Blog.
    Ich hoffe, Ihr könnt euren Stand so halten, mir würde es gefallen.
    Auch das Design gefällt mir, könnt Ihr mir sagen, ob das ein freies Design ist, und wo ich es bekomme?

    Gruß aus Aachen

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