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Finishing is just not my thing — 2 Comments

  1. Make a list? Yes. The first thing you put on the list is “make a list”. Make the list. Cross “make a list” off the top. Consider the list. Start three new lists, “must be done”, “would be nice if this was done” and “not essential”. Do the “must be done” and reward yourself with catnip in your preferred flavour. Take a nap to contemplate the second list and then do anything intended for other cats. Reward self with catnip. Do what is intended for self. Take a nap. If anything on third list now seems an attractive proposition then do it. Reward self with more catnip and take wekk deserved long nap.
    See how easy it is? Cats have it all worked out – apart from this cat of course! 🙂

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