Finishing is just not my thing

I started this morning with great intentions. I would clean and organize while listening to podcasts and audiobooks. Household chores do have to be done.

Butl, cleaning the bedroom is boring and requires me to decide what to do with all the miscellaneous stuff as well as admitting that things are out of control.  Tackling the living room falls into the same category – right now it looks fine on the surface…

Laundry was a possibility, blocking the two shawls I uncovered would have been a great idea, not burning my dinner under the broiler because I forgot about the hash brown patties…

I have to be completely honest here. I have an infinite ability to start things. Whether it is knitting, sewing, reading books, or initiating a clean-up campaign, I (mostly) do not find it difficult to start. But seeing it all the way to the end? Now that is another story.  I find endings not always pleasant.

On a better day, I can use the excuse of having “stuff.” After all, as should be obvious to all right thinking adults, having a place for everything and things in those places means it is hard to make progress on anything.

Out of sight means out of mind.

If projects, books, papers, are visible then it becomes easier to prioritize which should lead to finishing of those items under work.

It is a great theory. Unfortunately it conflicts with the known phenomena of becoming overwhelmed when there is too much to do.  Assuming, of course, that I am going to enjoy finishing things; and there in lies the rub.

The solutions to this problem are many fold; the hardest of which is to just go ahead and complete up all those books, projects, papers, phone calls, vouchers, claim forms……

Another option, which seems to be the one favoured by many knitters, is to start something new when everything under way just does not seem right.

All of which lead to the decision to plan a new vest for the Vest-uary Group on Ravelry.  Drops pattern 115-24 knit from double stranded worsted weight yarn I already have on hand.  It should go rapidly on size 9.00 mm needles, ignoring the sweater for Ms Maus lacking only the front, the quick steek needed on a cardigan, a couple of items meant for the frog pond and a real desire to knit another shawl.

Tomorrow I will go to work, be good, make a list of due-outs, and work down that list. Leaving aside dropping off the car for service, taking the Mole back to school and attending about three meetings…..

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2 Responses to Finishing is just not my thing

  1. The cat says:

    Make a list? Yes. The first thing you put on the list is “make a list”. Make the list. Cross “make a list” off the top. Consider the list. Start three new lists, “must be done”, “would be nice if this was done” and “not essential”. Do the “must be done” and reward yourself with catnip in your preferred flavour. Take a nap to contemplate the second list and then do anything intended for other cats. Reward self with catnip. Do what is intended for self. Take a nap. If anything on third list now seems an attractive proposition then do it. Reward self with more catnip and take wekk deserved long nap.
    See how easy it is? Cats have it all worked out – apart from this cat of course! 🙂

  2. I have the same issues Holly. And naturally starting a pair of socks seemed the logical option with which to start.

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