Fine Dining

Ah, but first – and before I forget – Pat sent me this link. Not all of you may know about my families running flamingo joke. It started the day of our wedding when a present turned out to be a pink plastic flamingo lawn ornament. That flamingo traveled with us and finally got lost somewhere around our first tour in Heidelberg. The joke continued over the years with the occasional stuffed bird, strange pen (courtsey of the Eldest), and a wind chime courtsey of Carmen.  

This is not a hint. I neither need nor want any flamingo anything here in Afghanistan.

On to fine dining. There are three official choices here on base – the Dragon DFAC, Coley DFAC, and 3rd BDE AV. The last is less than 100 meters from the office. It is actually a military DFAC – with real military cooks. It is not big and shiny. It does not have the variety of the other locations. What it does have is a military hard working staff that likes their jobs, does them well, and is dressed in ACU scrubs.

Being smaller, it is less popular. Ice cream is still offered at lunch and dinner. The salad bar had a limited but adequate suggestion. Vartious rumors are flying about them not being replaced on rotation. I hope that is not true – and that it is actually another military unit.

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7 Responses to Fine Dining

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  2. Diane says:

    Ah, flamingos! Loved the link!!

  3. Carmen says:

    You are only eating salad and ice cream?!

    You don’t want a flamingo poster?!

    I am very fond of that flamingo loon.

  4. Helen Halla Fleischer says:

    Guess I won’t be making a flamingo spindle any time soon, then. However it’s already on my list of suggested designs. Problem will be getting it relatively round and balanced, of course. One of these days that solution will come off the simmer in the back of my brain, though. Fair warning. 😉

  5. Linda M says:

    Holly, Happy, happy birthday from far away. I hope next year you are with family and loved ones. The rain on the U.S. east coast is over and the beautiful fall weather is setting in. Georgia is warm and sunny with cool nights – just perfect now. I tried to comment on your birthday post itself but the comment feature wouldn’t activate… so here I am a day late on the Flamingo post – which I truly enjoyed. I hope your time in Bagram is positive and that you find you can do some good for the troops. Linda

  6. Holly says:

    thanks! Apparently numbers are not good names for posts!

  7. Floor Lamp : says:

    find dining with seafoods is great, it is very tasty and special ~

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