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  2. You are only eating salad and ice cream?!

    You don’t want a flamingo poster?!

    I am very fond of that flamingo loon.

  3. Guess I won’t be making a flamingo spindle any time soon, then. However it’s already on my list of suggested designs. Problem will be getting it relatively round and balanced, of course. One of these days that solution will come off the simmer in the back of my brain, though. Fair warning. 😉

  4. Holly, Happy, happy birthday from far away. I hope next year you are with family and loved ones. The rain on the U.S. east coast is over and the beautiful fall weather is setting in. Georgia is warm and sunny with cool nights – just perfect now. I tried to comment on your birthday post itself but the comment feature wouldn’t activate… so here I am a day late on the Flamingo post – which I truly enjoyed. I hope your time in Bagram is positive and that you find you can do some good for the troops. Linda

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