My son was a partial winner in yesterdays British Airway’s Terminal 5 lottery. His flight was not cancelled and arrived in Frankfurt at 2255, only 15 minutes behind schedule. That was the good news. The bad? His was one of the seven flights that took off with absolutely no luggage what so ever. He and DH did get out of the terminal for another couple of hours. You see, there was only one poor person working for British Air at Baggage Claim. And a whole flight full, a 767 wide bodied flight full of people without luggage.

Since it was still ice cubes this morning, it seemed like just the day for a yarn store crawl. Especially since I had the target of new yarn for DS’s vest.

Farnham – InterKnit Cafe, 60 Downing Street. Lovely little shop with helpful staff. It is a bit of a long, narrow hole in the wall that could really do with better lighting. She has sock yarns, Collinette and other wonderful imports. I found Noro Sock yarn (there is this Internet Madness – no?)
Noro sock YarnNoro Sock Yarn

and some lovely French yarn that would have done, but she didn’t have it in grey. I also cruised the 2nd hand charity shops.

Guilford – Pandora, 198 High Street. Great selection of needlepoint, cross-stitch, jewelry making. The yarn section is all the way in the back. Bright, well light and cheerful, other than one small section of imports, it was Rowan and Patton’s.

It was in the Guildford Museum on the way back to the car that I noticed this little message on the top of the camera screen after taking yet another picture. No CF Card.

It was at Army & Navy (back in Camberely) that I found the right yarn, for the right price. Part wool, part acrylic and comfortable to handle.
Pattons - Diploma

I hadn’t been in the door five minutes and my phone rings. It is the repair guy for my heating system. Pleasant, wants to know if anyone is home since no one is answering the doorbell. Doorbell didn’t ring and letting him in, I demonstrate ringing the bell (lots of pressure). He grins and says, no, guess he hadn’t really rung it.

The boiler for my heating system is this small box high on my utility room wall. I watched the nice young man pop off the lower front panel, then start to unscrew the large covering. Water starting streaming down his arm and onto the counter.

This, obviously was not a good sign. Neither was the little red light glowing on the panel.

The mechanism is miss named. It is simply a unit that heats the water flowing past it. Similar to one of those old fashion direct water heaters where the slower the water runs, the hotter it is. Same principle.

Key to the whole operation, he mentioned as he mopped up the inside and the counter is that condensation or water in the outside box is not good.

We looked outside. It has a great screened vent pipe so that I don’t get CO poisoning. However, it doesn’t protect against rain being driven straight in by the wind, only water coming down from above.

The whole repair took less than 10 minutes and within 20 minutes I had enough heat in my bedroom that I could take off my jacket.

English Slip Over

Trying it again – I think this ribbing is better.

English Slipover Ribbing

Now, all I have to do is remember to set the clocks for “Spring Forward”


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2 Responses to Finally

  1. Turtle says:

    Sounds like a full day! Lol, more excitement than my ill tummy can handle on my only day off…lol, and this afternoon will be busy taking dear daughter tot he dentist as her wisdom teeth are painfully poking through!

  2. Kristin L says:

    I like DSs vest. I can’t wrestle my boy into a vest, sweater, or even a sweatshirt! Speaking of grey, I like your finished sweater too — very flattering for the figure.

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