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  1. …and that is the reason I knit Magic Loop! If there’s only the one circular, it’s way harder to lose (not impossible, of course, just harder).
    Love your Kauni, by the way. You’re way braver than me – I still can’t bring myself to chop into my knitting like that.

  2. Hi Holly! I love the colours of your kauni! I am just now catching up on your blog. Your dog is in exactly the same position as mine at this moment, and frankly quite often through the day. LOL Mine is an English Springer named Kora. Keep knitting. I am finally getting back into it.

  3. I have to add my vote for the Magic Loop method, too. I also find it is best for knitting on the go. Situations such as these are also a great reason to learn how to cable without a cable needle. Even if you learn and prefer to use a cable needle, you can keep knitting when no cable needle nor cable needle alternative is available. Your Kauni cardi is beautiful.

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