Sometimes you just hit it right – serendipity when visiting a town. We were in Ludwigsburg today because of the Abi Ball tonight which Maus’s class is holding at the Forum. After dropping her off, the remaining three of us walked into town just to see what we could see.

On the one side of time is an obelisk to four famous [men] individuals who the town claims since they were born here. I remember that from before, otherwise since the last time I was here it seems like the whole downtown area has undergone renovation. It is bright, clean, and frankly pretty sterile. Probably just as well for me, I staying in the pedestrian zones to the one side of the main drag through town completely missing both fabric and yarn stores.

Seems like on Saturdays they have been having occupation demonstrations and today it just happened to be the Fire Departments.

Both old trucks and new were on display. The line was hours long to get up in the Cherry Picker so I don’t have pictures from on high.

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  1. Chere says:

    I remember that monument- we used to take the girls to the fairytale park, castle and “favorite” house, we didn’t explain the last at their tender ages of 7 and 9….

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