Ferry Out

aka – what is it about pillows anyway?

(I will just skip the leisurely drive to the ferry, and the wait for the ferry)

a well decorated bed

plump and inviting

To me, pillows are something upon which you either lay your head to sleep or prop behind your back so that you can sit more comfortably in the evening when reading in bed.

To the rest of the world, apparently pillows are a statement of decorative skill. A mark of a decorated home, rather than one that just sort of grew like Topsy over the years. Since my experience is limited, I never quite know what to do with them.

Now, that I think back on it having spent more than one night in other people’s houses in the last six months – Beth had extra decorative pillows on the twin beds in her guess room. Carmen has them on her couch. Mary has them on the extra bed. Chere, on the other hand, has what used to be know as a Hollywood bed (it folds up into the wall). Not possible to decorate with pillows. In all pillow positive cases, the beds looked lovely. Having said that – I obviously was not blessed with the fancy pillow gene. In fact, if the decorative pillow gene is related to the “able to apply make-up, wear clothes so that you appear impeccably turned out and appear to enjoy one’s self at cocktail parties” , well that whole combination missed me completely.

Come to think of it – we have perhaps two such pillows in the living room. One features a Schnauzer and was made by George’s mom. The other was a gift to me from various family members and features a hedgehog.

Now if we were talking afghans – I am the queen of handwoven afghans.

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