Faery Ring KAL

Today is the official start of the Faery Ring KAL.  I started it middle of last month. After all, there was the issue of a gauge swatch.

Why not start with a cable? And then pick up stitches along the one side to knit toward the bodice meanwhile seeing if my gauge matched that on the yarn label. Since it did, it seemed more than reasonable to continue on, adjusting down a bit the number of stitches all around to go down a bit in size.

This first pix shows a bit of the cable, but most importantly shows the denim color pretty closely.

lower border

lower border

Progress – just into the cable patterning on the bodice (or cable with lower stockineette = about 15″)

upside down...but

upside down...but

now I just have to convince the printer that I need just one more page out of this cartridge or continue to knit in front of the computer screen……

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