Eye Exams

My life is nothing but exciting. The Mole and I had eye exam appointments today.

We have eyes. I may need trifocals (or finally make the switch to progressives) and he could stand a bit of plus up for reading/computer use. Since he was done first, with disposable sunglasses, the boy hiked home. I waited for a ride since hiking carrying library books, camera, knitting and who knows what else in a heavy bag was not my idea of a good time. Did I mention the dilated pupils?

That was not the high point of the day – there were only two of us today at Shanda’s house (her and me) for the Heidelberg Fiber Frauen. We weren’t sure if it was the holidays, the fact that getting onto PHV is a pain or what, but we have a lovely time just relaxing and knitting.

The guys, meanwhile, had made a run to the recycling center making that two car loads this week.

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