some of the towns around here on a blustery Saturday. A friend had called to ask me to come along. The shoe place – good basic sturdy shoes – didn’t have anything that fit me.

The big craft store in Aldershot was gone, replaced by a printing placed called Lime.

The other craft store was so crowded that you couldn’t move and didn’t have the jewelry findings.

But the Home Brew Store was fun. From simple kits to complicated set-ups, you can make your own alcoholic beverages completely legally. Juice in a can, with some help becomes wine. Bags of grain turn into beer and ale.

If I could drink, I might be really interested – it looked like fun.

Becoming sensible, I spent the rest of the day snugly tucked into my house before venturing out in freezing weather for dinner.


Thanks for the comments about the blog changes. I don’t have the sidebar completely under control, but at least it is there. I need to figure out who to put in non-blogroll links and the photo widget. Then tackle the page tabs. All else fails – I will copy the text out, set up new pages from templates and go from there.

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Mingus is fun, Mingus is cool. Mingus is too complicated to knit while serving as the navigator or dinner company.

This Wild Cherry was just sitting there in the Sox Box

asking to become socks. Great colour that matches my light weight fleece top and sweatshirt. (Sounds like a good reason – right?)
Winding it into a ball was just the work of a moment

Followed by a decision to crank out a pair of Chain Links.

Heel detail doubles the number of slipped stitches to 2/1 (from 5/1).

51 1/4 socks done and a sock and a half to go prior to 1 April.


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