The van left early this morning – headed home to Heidelberg. Ferry crossing at 1000.

Ms Soprano and I headed north to Lakenheath. I can’t find the Texaco Fast Fuel card, hopefully with enough remaining diesel to see us through to the other end.

Mildenhall does not have diesel. The Esso back out the gates does which seemed like the best idea considering that I was running completely on fumes. After running all the Lakenheath errands – it turned out that my authorization card was not in the car either. We made a regular fuel stop on the way home. And yes – there is a significant difference between 96.8p/liter and $0.74/liter.


Making progress on my third Hummingbird


and then there is Vår Løysing. Rather pleased with my progress. The I-cord is complete and just blocking ahead.




Continuing with the J D Robb Series.

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