Since I didn’t get a chance really to talk about the transfer I thought I would fill you in.

Went to the terminal early, completely blowing off the cruise line instructions that pick-up was from the airport. Hello? I am in town, I should spend my money to go back to the airport because?

Anyway, the lovely security person saw no reason not to let me in early since the baggage people were already taking luggage. Inside the terminal there were at least 50 people ahead of me already. Had a nice chat, ran across the street for a cup of coffee and was back in plenty of time to head directly to the check-in. From there it was to a holding area where I found friends from last year’s Vision/Panama Transatlantic.

We were on the first bus and I drowsed my way the two hours to the port waking enough to deal with Mexican customs a couple of times. This was followed by Mexican security before boarding the ship (skipping the people who can’t figure out how to empty their pockets before attempting to walk through a metal detector.

On the ship by 1330 which was about the time that Celebrity had suggested we be picked up at the airport.  Luggage arrived before 1500.

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