Endless Rows

working on upper back

seems to take forever. Back and forth across 262 stitches once I finished the endless fun of the sleeve increases. Making sure, of course, that everything matches up with the front in terms of stitches if not exactly in terms of color or pattern.

Otherwise, it was a day at work punctuated by phone calls and email messages concerning a rather short notice VIP visit that I just might not be able to avoid.

The Mole continues to grind through history and government texts, coming up for air and a run a couple of times a day.

Audio & Video

Sort of between on books for the moment. I have a lovely double stack which came in from Bookcloseouts just waiting to be read. Five novels came home from the library, all of which were finished over the weekend.

I am caught up with all the old seasons of CSI and NCIS. I checked out Criminal Minds from the library and now have evenings of knitting fun in front of me while I work my way through the back seasons.

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3 Responses to Endless Rows

  1. The cat says:

    Now why do you put yourself through this knitting torture?

  2. I just thought that NCIS is a copy cat of CSI.~;;

  3. Joseph Wright says:

    i think NCIS is much better than CSI because they solve much harder cases.-*`

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