except for three beds, one couch, one arm chair, a coffee table, dining room table and six chairs. (Ignore for a moment the little stuff like irons, step stools and a million curtains). The two guys from Modern Housing are gone and I am falling asleep while waiting for the fire alarm guy.

Last night I gave up around 0100 and attempted to sleep. My back was killing me from standing at the ironing board. My feet were swollen and my mood was black.  I don’t think I have ironed anything in the 31 months I have lived here.

An hour later I was back at it. There were nine panels left and I just could not sleep. Listening to Dogs and Goddess by Jennifer Crusie (purchases on sale) I wielded that iron till there were no more curtains languishing on the counter.

I was wired and not sleepy, hauling out some rumpled shirts and making them appear presentable. When I started looking at the towels and underwear, I knew it was time to get a life. Failing that, some sleep since all my good sense had long departed.

Everything I have left in country is packed into the station wagon. I have only to clean up tonight, place my bed linens and computer in the car and I am off. Perhaps it is because I am returning to post in about a week. But I have no feel of loss or closure at at this time.

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