San Francisco is beautiful, cosmopolitan, exciting. The weather can be fine or foggy, sunshine reflecting off waves and glass. The architecture is startling in the Embarcadero where in one direction the city stretches out along Mission and in the other you can gaze upon the Bay Bridge, Yerba Buena and Treasure Island.

mid-span Bay Bridge

mid-span Bay Bridge

There is interesting history here – from the founding through the Earthquake of 1906 to the 1934 Longshoreman’s strike.

where they opened fire on the Longshoremen

where they opened fire on the Longshoremen

As I am walking out of the Riccon Center – I looked around at all the tall buildings.

This is San Francisco after all; why on earth would I want to be separated from the ground up 10-20+ stories above the ground. As much as the architects say everything is safe, I simply don’t want to take that kind of chance in a glass and steel building being held fast in Mother Earth’s upset hand. Let me please stay at ground level. Means I need to rethink the BART and Muni doesn’t it?

I will tell you that the small post office there is fantastic. I got in line after picking up packing materials and making up boxes. I get to the desk – my wallet is not there! The lovely man at the window says “well, no one died – leave your stuff here and I will move you to the head of the line when you get back.”

as good as an APO

as good as an APO

Good thing that we were actually in valet parking under the building (which is the only thing they offer since it lets them jam many more cars in the small space). I didn’t have either keys or claim check – but I could tell him where it was and where to find the passport for a positive photo id).

Back at the post office – I mailed off Carmen’s birthday present weeks early and some coffee from PEETs back to us in Germany (along with the patterns I picked up). I hope that Denise also likes coffee……

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3 Responses to Embarcadero

  1. Jan says:

    San Francisco sucks.

  2. Alison says:

    I remember sitting in a funeral service when a quake hit and the chandeliers in the church started swaying wildly. Love those California building codes! But I laughed that it was 95 (96?) year old Al, waving happily goodbye to everybody.

  3. Pat says:

    I keep meaning to get sourdough from San Francisco when I am there,
    but I never did. Now, going gluten-free, probably won’t. My brother
    lives in San Francisco. I always end up on Castro street when I visit
    him. Well, the one time. There is this amazing gelato place there.
    Wow. I think it was this one:

    Sad to say, it looks like the location in SF has closed ….

    Have a great trip!

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