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  1. I can confirm that civilian trauma surgeons do not have a clue on the field care of blast injuries or amputations. This was a big pissing match between people who were lining up their civilian academic appointments on their way out of the Army. None of them ever spent a day in a field OR in a theater of operation, they are now all professors of ortho in big name east coast programs. Civilian traumatic amputation is nothing like a blast injury amputation. Apples and Oranges.

  2. Uh, makes me think of a couple of M*A*S*H episodes…
    Or maybe just send them out in the field and have all those high priced visitors do some real work….OUT IN THE FIELD and see how well they work after a few days of doing real work…

  3. Oh, yes. These are the people, civilian and military alike who know everything without having ever experienced fear, cold, hunger or danger. But, since they are an “expert” none of that makes any difference.

  4. I just checked out the website. I like the idea of hypercaffeinated coffee! I wonder if it will catch on here? And the chocolate covered coffee beans sound great for those times when you just can’t get a cup of coffee. A real caffeine addict’s delight.

  5. Sounds like you had a cazy Sat: I take it you didn’t get today off. Hope Sun is quieter for you!

  6. You might take a look at recent literature on concussion and sports return to play. Hot button issue in sports med now. Just ended Brett Farve’s football contract of 20 million a year. They are are really upping the standards. Get those people out of there ASAP as ambulatory non urgent Air Evacs. The k- pot will hurt until they are healed. You don’t become a neurologist because you want to be a bold leader…

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