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  1. Right, I missed the baseball posts – but then I know nothing about baseball so…
    You sound as if you need a hug – the best I can do is a sisterly virtual hug from afar.
    And yes, it does worry me when I don’t hear from you but I am trying not to bug you too.

    • bug away. It is fine. Got the hug from everyone here. Always a lot of fun when you are telling them to not breath on you…

  2. Zandra did people like me a favor. Silence always a concern.
    Glad for the update. Not so glad about the details.
    Hang in there (like you have a choice).
    Must be difficult to be an icon.
    Seriously, take care, stay strong.

  3. I understand blaming everything on Prednisone. I guess the migraine is better than no WBCs… But it’s a tough one. Where are

    • and trust me, the concern and phone call were just what I needed. Focused out, rather than whining!

  4. Absolutely he should be able to read your mind!!! Sorry
    that you are having the medical problems you are slugging
    through. Do you have to go to LA? Can it be put of till
    you are less immunocompromised? At least I’m glad to
    hear Noah is going with you. Get well friend,

    • And let the Jewel leave without me? Noah is on school break and took off work. If we don’t go this week we don’t go. I don’t mind complaining, but feeling lousy enough to whine is so not fun

  5. Reading minds, like any other science, has a downside too. Occasionally the reader may run out of material to work with. Hang in there and follow those medical instructions . . . or the suggestions you can agree with.

    We’re keeping you in our prayers.

  6. Greetings from Neunkirchen !

    They way you are explaining the side effects of your medication sound almost exactly like the ones a family member is enduring. Always tired and dizzy. I hope it will go away and you feel better.

  7. Sorry to hear you don’t feel well. Nothing easy about serious treatment. I’m glad you had a good nurse.
    Hang in there.

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