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Eleventh Hour — 13 Comments

  1. Oh CRIMINENTLY!!! Can’t people learn to PROOFREAD the email addresses?
    I know folk who do the same thing all the time, and never learn to
    look. As far as I’ve heard, I did this exactly once.

    Wishing you the very best of luck.

  2. I think there are a lot of people who are just not computer savy. And, since I was already an outlier, just another opportunity for Murphy to take over. But, why not just to messages …..

  3. I’m glad I’m probably through with this, although my current problem is with the US Govt who can’t understand that there are precautions one takes when living OCONUS.

    by the way, my orders for AD in 2001 were sent to the AMEDD recruiter rather than me. After 32 years commissioned time, I was no longer competent to receive my own orders.

  4. SNAFU is a term developed specifically in the Army.

    So, if this all does not get worked out, are you un-retired? Dear heavens above!

  5. No – it just means all the paperwork is wrong. which will become a problem if someone questions
    1) why I want a retiree mailbox
    2) why I am expecting the US gov to pay for a final move back to the states
    3) why I have the wrong retirement codes on my orders (which speaks to my priviledges and access to a number of things now and later on – to include the VA ….

    The information is in the system – my pay stops as of this last pay check.

  6. Wow! Exhausting. At least you figured out this little piece. Fingers firmly crossed on your behalf.

    Is it this complicated for everyone, or are you just special?

  7. You’re doing wonderfully under the circumstances. I’m impressed not only with your tenaciousness, but your diagnostic skills. Ain’t we got fun?

  8. Under pressure, it is amazing what can be accomplished. Too bad that so much of what we do has to be accomplished under these circumstances

  9. Fingers crossed for you. I’m believing the system will work, albeit last minute rush to fix mistakes they’ve had more than enough time to repair early on. Hang in there!

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